Learn to Play Piano Online
with This Wonderful Tune

Welcome back! Now we will jump right in and play piano online with a very special piano song... and I'm not just saying that because I wrote it. I have received so many wonderful comments about this piece of music due to its very soothing and melodic nature. play piano online
The rhythm of this song moves at a moderately slow pace, so its not too difficult for a beginner to keep up with. Best of all, the sounds coming out of your piano will surprise everyone around you when you learn to play piano online with this lovely tune.
I first released this piece of music which I named "A Simple Love" on my Beginner Piano DVD. But now you can listen and learn to play it yourself by following the three step by step videos on this page... enjoy!
Piano Song 2 - "A Simple Love" (Demonstration)
So if you're ready to play piano online, let's move onto our next video tutorial. Here I will teach you everything you need to know so that you can share this wonderful tune with your friends and family.
One thing I will stress when playing this song is too not overdo your use of the foot pedal. You will get the best sound quality if you don't slur the different chords (groups of notes). Don't worry, I will explain this concept much better in this next video as you will see. The important thing is to relax and enjoy the lesson. Of all the songs I have written... this song is one of my favorites, and I hope it will be one of your favorite songs to play piano online also.
Piano Song 2 - "A Simple Love" (Tutorial)
Okay, if you were able to play along with me during my demonstration of "A Simple Love" then you may be ready to play piano online all by yourself.
Here you will have another blackboard exercise that will show you the correct fingers to strike as you hear them played by an electric piano sound. Remember, all you need to do is place both your hands in their respective C Hand Positions on your keyboard and read the notes (numbers) off the animated blackboard.
Keep in mind, we will be moving at full speed here so this time you will play piano online with a complete drum section as well... have fun!
Piano Song 2 - "A Simple Love" (Blackboard Test)
Okay now it is time to get serious. We've got one more monumental challenge coming up in our next few exercises. I have one more song to teach you, but in order to play piano online correctly I will have to introduce a new concept to you.
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