With 10 Piano Notes We
Can Play an Entire Song

Welcome to Piano Song 1. Here we will learn to play a complete song using only 10 piano notes! "How is this possible?" you may ask. Well music does not have to be complicated in order to be pleasing to the ear. Piano Notes
A simple piece of piano music played with emotional intent from the heart, can be just as uplifting and satisfying as any professional composition requiring an advanced level of technical wizardry.
And because this website is dedicated to shattering the myth that is takes high technical skills to play the piano, I created this simple song which can be played with only the 10 piano notes.
Remember, you don't need to be "flashy" in order to make music with high emotional value... as we will see here...
Piano Song 1 (Complete Tutorial & Practice Session)
In this video you will see and hear me demonstrate our first piano song before I invite you to join in and slowly begin practicing it along with me. If you have been following the slow and steady progression of my piano course from the very beginning, then the tutorial segment of this video should feel quite comfortable for you. Again we are only using ten piano notes here and we are playing an average of two notes per beat.
After you have mastered the tutorial segment on this video, you will get a chance to play this song at natural speed all by yourself.
The "Performance Mode" portion of this video is an animated blackboard that will show you the correct piano notes you need to play along with an electronic piano sound and drumbeat!
If you've enjoyed the other blackboard assignments seen on Get-Piano- then I think you'll really love this one! Feel free to leave me your FaceBook comments below...
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