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Need Piano Lessons? Get Your Free Online Piano Lesson Today!

Get Piano is a fun, easy and free online piano lesson course that focuses on the mechanics of good keyboard playing without all the complicated musical terms. No note reading required!

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The Secret to Understanding the Layout of Piano Keys

For a beginner, the layout of piano keys can be hard to recognize on a piano keyboard. Keys are organized in a 12 note pattern that repeat across the entire piano key layout. Can you find the pattern?

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10 Free Beginner Piano Lessons

Can’t read music? No problem. These free beginner piano lessons will guide you through a fun and easy way to learn and enjoy the piano without ever reading a single note of sheet music!

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Piano History: The Complete Story

For 300 years, the origins of piano history have been traced back to 18th century Italy. However, the complete history of the piano began almost two millennia before that.

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Support The Gift of Giving Piano Lessons

The only way free internet piano lessons will work is if they are taught slowly, patiently and with an emphasis on having fun! Now you can learn how to support the online gift of giving piano lessons.

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An Introduction to Free Piano Online Lessons!

These free piano online lessons reveal the clever fingering techniques professional piano players use to grab and push off the piano keys with just the right control and dexterity!

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Want to Develop Your Piano Fingering Skills?

These four video tutorials will help you develop the proper piano fingering of a great piano player. Practice all four of these lessons for free!

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