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Welcome to Piano Song 3. We have now reached the grand finale in my series of 10 online piano lessons. If you were one of the absolute beginners who had taken every lesson in my original course, step by step up until now, then you have done a phenomenal job at teaching yourself the piano!
And as a reward for all your hard work and dedication I am going to unleash this virtual juggernaut of a piano song to you, which will challenge your newly acquired piano skills like never before!
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This song pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. Most online piano lessons require a certain amount of patience in order to learn them. Therefore, I have actually named this fast paced dynamo "Paciencia", which literally means "Patience" in Spanish.
But don't worry, in the two videos on this page I will spend alot of time demonstrating and explaining to you how to play this song. As with all of our previous online piano lessons, we will begin with both hands in their C Hand Positions on the keyboard, and while playing only 10 piano keys... we will kick some serious butt!
Piano Song 3 - "Paciencia" (Demonstration)
Okay, before you raise your hands in surrender... just follow along as I teach you very slowly how to play "Paciencia". Video tutorials are extremely important for learning online piano lessons like this one. So now I will take you through a very detailed process of learning every single note in this complex piece of music.
Sure I know this may seem like an impossible task at first. But don't worry, I have laid out four separate videos (in addition to this next one) that will provide you with varying levels of speed in order to practice this tune on your own.
So let's begin learning how to play "Pacienica" at a super slow, relaxed pace.
You'll notice that this video is a bit longer than most of my other online piano lessons. This is due to the slow rate of speed we will be playing at, and also the great attention to detail we will focus on...
Piano Song 3 - "Paciencia" (Tutorial)

Thanks for watching this extended video lesson for "Paciencia". I still have more online piano lessons to show you regarding this song. So when you're ready to study the four blackboard lessons I created specifically for this song, just click here and you'll get a chance to practice and perform this song (complete with drums) all on your own!
And once again, if you have any comments about these online piano lessons, please let me know what you think down below in the FaceBook Comment Box... Thanks!
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