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Hi friends, here's a music video I made of my latest vacation to Krabi, Thailand. (ピアノ査定)This place is as close to paradise on earth as you'll get with natural blue/green waters and exotic fish happily living in them. My mom and I had a blast here... check it out!
You have come to a special place on the web where piano
lessons are fun, easy, educational and best of all... free!
My approach in teaching the piano has been to focus on the language of music rather than the technical aspects of theory. In my opinion, the overemphasis on music theory is the true reason why most piano courses fail as often as diet programs.Piano Lessons?
On this website you will find piano lessons that are primarily geared toward developing your fingering skills so that I can eventually teach you to play three easy piano songs I invented from scratch. I have written these beginner songs specifically for people who are new to the piano but don't where to begin!
Best of all... you won't even need to read a single note of sheet music in order to play these 3 songs. I have created these piano lessons to be an enjoyable learning process, which should finally get you over the hump of starting and quitting piano lessons out of frustration.
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Back by popular demand: I am pleased to bring back a music video I produced and directed back in 2014. This 14-minite video called "Somebody Please" is an original collaboration of music and poetry I created with two other talented artists... ENJOY!!
Note: This video plays best when viewed on computers (not cellphones).. sorry!
Okay, so for the most part I have decided to keep Get-Piano- a free and comfortable place on the web where an absolute beginner can easily get their feet wet and start playing pretty music right away. Hmmm.. when I think back to my own struggles of trying to learn the piano as a child, I realize there is a huge niche in piano learning that needs to be filled.
I don't remember where I first heard this quote (maybe it was from Mr. Miyagi in the 1984 Karate Kid movie)...
"There's no such thing as a bad student, only bad teachers"...
Well in my heart I have always felt that the general way in which piano lessons are first taught to beginner students is flawed.
If you are a youngster trying to learn the piano the traditional way,
it may take awhile before you finally realize -
"Hey, its NOT me... there's something wrong
with this learning process!"
At least this was my realization as a young student who was struggling with standard piano lessons. I eventually realized that its not necessary to begin learning how to sight-read music notes before you've had a chance to learn the "language" of music first.
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When we were toddlers we began learning whatever native language we speak today by listening to and mimicking the spoken words and phrases of all those around us. We generally did not begin learning to put those spoken phrases into letters, words and sentences until we were a little older and had a basic comprehension of speaking that language first.
This same principle can be applied to learning music as well. This is why there are so many awesome piano players who can not read a stitch of music notation. Because when we first start learning to play a musical instrument with our heart (and not our brain) the technical side of music can take a back seat until later on in our music education.
So based on my own personal experience with learning the piano and digging deep into the essence of creative myself, I have created this very simple piano method located here at...
This website is my life's work....
and its all yours to enjoy free.
piano lessons
With that said, I'd also like to encourage you (and everyone) to always put their best foot forward and do good things for society and for the people around you. We all live here on this beautiful earth. So why not contribute something that is unique about ourselves to help improve humanity.
With all the chaos happening on our planet right now, I believe we all should participate (in our own way) to help create and spread as much good energy as possible. Because right now our world needs more generous contributions of music, art and love to counteract all the greed and "not so good" activity that still exists.
Every last one of us is uniquely gifted with some kind of special talent or skill that can help uplift the spirit of another person.
As for me, I hope you enjoy my personal contribution to you and to all of humanity worldwide... Get-Piano-
Brannie Dii (webmaster)
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